We Obsess Over Helping Our Clients START Businesses & GROW Them Using Social Media Ads And Proven, Effective Management Strategies

"I had the pleasure of serving with Randall, in ministry, or over 5 yrs. His communication and process thinking skills are second to none. His attention to detail enabled us to enhance the procedures we had in place..." -Davon R. 

"Recently my company was soliciting bids for a project, and Randall was one of our respondents...Randall immediately stood out as one of the more competent, comprehensive, responsive, and thorough professional. -Darryl F.  

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First, we listen.

I’ll start with an thorough, honest chat with you to understand you, your brand and needs. Here, we will define key opportunities.  

Then, we learn.

Together, we’ll talk about your audience to learn how to best position YOU; then I’ll use the power of imagery and words to define your brand’s personality.  

Lastly, we build and execute.

What I learn sets the foundation for ideas. We’ll build upon them to create a cohesive, visually-compelling brand that leads the way to success in your career.


I’m Randall Hurt, Sr.

I’m an expert media and management strategist & consultant obsessed with getting a positive result for each client we get to serve. To make the process work for you, we turn to our expertise as operations professionals. When it comes to business, we help you move forward quicker, using proven strategies to turn decades into days.  

Over the past 30 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals, corporations and non-profit organizations uncover, optimize and grow; you are absolutely in the right place!